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Learning Curves and How to Survive Them

When starting any new endeavor in life, it is likely that you will come up against a learning curve occasionally. Learning curves feel awful, but they are necessary in order to obtain new skills and find success. Keep reading to learn more about learning curves and how you can survive them.

What is A Learning Curve?

A learning curve is a period of time at the beginning of a new endeavor in which you really do not know what you are doing and it shows. Learning curves happen because you have not yet mastered the skills needed to complete the tasks with 100% success yet. Learning curves happen for everything. Driving a car, learning a language, caring for a child, and most definitely when starting a new job or working on a new skill set for work. The learning curve is absolutely necessary for your long term success. Learning how to deal with the learning curve will decide how successful you are.

How to Approach the Learning Curve

Many people approach a learning curve with resistance. They don't know what they are doing. They don't like how that feels and they want to quit. This is not the right approach. Just like if you were driving a car into a curve, resistance could flip your car over. Resistance in a learning curve will derail your success as well. The best thing to do with a learning curve is to expect it and accept it. This is a natural part of the learning process.

How to Conquer the Learning Curve

Once you are in the learning curve constantly remind yourself that this is the path to success. Remind yourself that it will not always feel this way. Think of someone you know who already has conquered this particular learning curve. You will be there soon.

A learning curve can be uncomfortable, but it is a necessary step toward your success.