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Make Money Online With Any Degree

Are you looking for legitimate work from home career options? These opportunities do exist, and many of them are easier to land than you might think. Let's look at a few job opportunities open to anyone with a degree.

VIP Kids

VIP Kids is an online platform which teaches English as a second language to children in other countries. VIP offers "teaching" positions to anyone with a degree in any field or major. VIP does not require that you speak the native language of your students as it is an immersion language platform. Class times last approximately 25 minutes and most VIP teachers can make $18-22 and hour easily. Because of the time difference, however, most teaching slots are early in the morning.

Magic Ears

Another online ESL platform similar to VIP Kid is Magic Ears. Magic Ears provides 30 minutes English immersion lessons for children in other countries. Magic Ears is open to any one holding a Bachelor's Degree or any one working on a Bachelor's Degree. Pay rate can be as much as $26 an hour. There is a system of bonuses in place which contribute to this max pay rate. The base pay rate is $8 to $10 per class but classes are only 25 minutes long.

Online Tutoring

Many online tutoring positions are open to anyone with a Bachelor's degree in any field. Many companies also offer positions to individuals who are pursuing a Bachelor's Degree. Online tutoring offers flexible hours as well as competitive pay. Some online tutors can make up to $50 an hour. Different companies have different criteria, but requires a Bachelor's Degree and for tutors to pass an exam in the tutoring field of their choice.

If you hold a degree in any field, you can start making money online today.